Are you a parent? Sign up for your free parent account to track your kids workout progress and get access to parent-child training ideas, a discussion board, and an opportunity to ask an expert your softball related questions.

What does the Parents membership look like?




Help your kid become a harder worker. Focus on what matters most in your life and build your softball parent IQ.

Track your kids training progress in the Web App
Ask Coach Randy any of your softball related questions
Access to parents only discussion board
Exclusive parent-child training ideas
Gritty Nutrition information for parents on the go

The Gritty Hitter Parent's App

Encourage your kid to work harder and then track the progress they make in the app section. Your kids will earn points towards rewards for tracking their daily workouts. Trust us, your kids will want you to sign up. Why? Because it's much easier for them to earn rewards when they have a linked parent account.

It's not difficult to link your accounts - your child needs to add your email address in their app. Then you will get an access code emailed to you. Input this in the "Track your kid" menu item. You can add as many kids as you have!