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What does the Coaches membership look like?

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Coaches only Gritty Hitter Referral Program

Here's how you can earn your membership fee back... And then some:

When you sign up, you will get a unique Gritty Hitter referral code. Simply share this code and don't forget to mention that your referrals will get a free t-shirt when they use your code!

EarnĀ $30 forĀ each referral. Got 10 kids to sign up? You just earned your complete $300 membership fee back. You can earn even more than $300 if you continue to refer athletes.

The goal is to grow Gritty Hitter into being the ultimate resource. The more people, the better content that everyone gets. This includes athletes, parents, and coaches. It's not just a way to make money, it's about getting rewarded for being Gritty and growing the program!

We will pay out 30 days after the athlete or parent signs up (once they get past the 30 day guarantee).


Unique Code

Use your email as your unique referral code, or you can request a new on at the bottom of this page.


Fill Out IRS Form W-9

Now that you're a member, we need you to fill out form W-9 for legal purposes. If you earn more than $600 in a year, you can expect a 1099.


Share with your Team

Give your unique code to athletes and their parents. Make sure to tell them that they will receive a free t-shirt if they use your referral code!


Get Paid!

After your referral is a member for 30 days, Gritty Hitter will send you your payment electronically or via check.