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    30 day money back guarantee
    10% off everything in the Gritty shop

What's in store for Gritty Hitter?

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Gritty Hitter is designed to be a resource for you to improve in the world of softball. Have a feature request? An idea for a specific video? Let us know and we will make it happen. Content will be crafted by our members.


It's our responsibility to give back to the community. This will be done through student scholarships, Gritty reward programs, softball organization donations, and the exclusive I Need a Hug program. I Need a Hug was created by coach Randy Schneider while coaching D1 and it was recognized nationally. We're starting this program back up in full force!


Parent accounts will be able to build their child's recruiting profile to get in front of coaches. Did you know that kids are committing as early as ever?


Online coaching clinic webinars ran by coach Randy Schneider. Save money by getting the valuable information without traveling to an actual conference.


A simple way to be involved in the softball community is to listen to what's happening. You'll get to listen to fun and informational weekly podcasts exclusively from Gritty Hitter!