NOTICE: Are you part of a Gritty Competition? See the details below if you have any questions. Thank you for being a Gritty Competition Athlete!
1st Place Gritty Competition Winner: Gabrielle Keith

What is a Gritty Competition?

The competition is all about hard work. You know you're Gritty, and this is the opportunity to show your coach, parents, teammates, and recruiters. You will earn points for doing anything that advances you as a softball player. There will be many ways to get these points, with the main way by logging your workouts in the Gritty Hitter Web App. Everyone will get a free competition account to do this. Some pretty big prizes will be awarded at the end!


Prizes to be announced.

The Gritty Hitter Athlete's App

Track your workouts every day and earn points for being GRITTY.

Earn Rewards

When you add your workouts, you will be rewarded with points. These points can be converted into free Gritty apparel, scholarship entries, and discounts on equipment! All rewards are TBD.

Hit Your Target

This is based completely on the honor system. You're only hurting yourself if you lie about your workouts. Work hard to hit your workout targets and be GRITTY.

Link Your Parents Account

From the app page, select the linked accounts button and add your parents email. Show your parents that you're working hard!

Add Workouts

It's easy to add a workout. Simply click the plus button on the app page and select cardio, strength, or reps. Total reps is the total of all bat swings or fast pitches.

Extra Ways to Earn Points