Defensive Movement

After watching over 5000 softball games in my lifetime, I’m amazed at the teams that don’t move. A defender should be re-positioning with every pitch. For every strike your pitcher throws, the next pitch will be just a little tougher to hit. For every … Read More

Do I Need Talent to get Recruited?

Greatest Learning: The notion that you have to have ‘natural talent’ to excel at something is a myth. Ericsson’s conclusion: it takes 10,000 Hours of practice or 10 years to become a virtuoso. The key to improving is deliberate practice. You have to be … Read More

Definition of Grit

The definition of Grit is the combination of perseverance and passion, especially for long-term and meaningful goals. Grit predicts success. Most people with grit share the same characteristics: Passion – People with passion are fascinated by what they can do, fascinated by what they … Read More

How to get Recruited for Softball

One of the biggest questions surrounding the sport of softball is: How does my daughter get recruited? It’s a great question. Here are some facts: Less than 1% of softball players will receive a collegiate scholarship Less than 20% of all scholarships offered are … Read More

Taking the Right Approach

For over 10 years I traveled the country watching softball. Sitting at fields from 7:30 in the morning until 10:00 or 11:00 at night. I would typically go to the field with a plan to recruit a certain athlete, but obviously each game you … Read More

Becoming a Better Defense

For years, one of my pet peeves in the sport of softball was watching an athlete that never moves. Yet, in many cases, no one is telling her to move. Have you ever seen the spots in the outfield? This sells my case. These … Read More

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