Defensive Movement

After watching over 5000 softball games in my lifetime, I’m amazed at the teams that don’t move. A defender should be re-positioning with every pitch. For every strike your pitcher throws, the next pitch will be just a little tougher to hit. For every ball that your pitcher throws, the next ball is more likely to be on zone. Given this analogy, a defender should work to the pull side of a hitter with every ball thrown and work opposite field with every strike thrown. I call it probability defense, but it works. With most hitters, your coaches have a plan for what they want to get as a result. You begin by positioning yourself for a first pitch strike.

So how do you move on defense?

If a ball is thrown: you take a step back and a step over to the pull side

If a strike is thrown: you take a step forward and step over to the opposite side.


Note: your steps in the outfield should be larger than your steps in the infield. Every step you can gain on the hitter will limit the amount of distance you have to go to get the ball.

Defensive movement is savvy. Athletes that move with every pitch are re-focusing and have their heads in the game. Athletes that just sit in one spot for the entire at bat are most likely not ready for the ball. As an athlete if you are moving with every pitch, you will impress coaches watching the game. You look dialed in! So start moving with the pitch. No batter is the same. Get a step up on the opponent!