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So far with Gritty Hitter I have been able to track my workouts and reps, plus get something in return afterwards. It's personally fun for me to see my points go up every time I track my progress and see how much closer I am to my goal. It's very easy to use and figure out when I was new to the site. The app is also motivation for me to be more "Gritty." To me, this means working harder than my opponents and even the girls next to me. I know as a team our goal this year is to make it to the state tournament in Fort Dodge, IA for the first time in school history. I feel that if everyone has the same Gritty mindset, it will get us there.

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Defensive Movement

After watching over 5000 softball games in my lifetime, I’m amazed at the teams that don’t move. A defender should be re-positioning with every pitch. For every strike your pitcher throws, the next pitch will be just a little tougher to hit. For every … Read More

39. Travel for College Athletes

Already a member? Sign into your account using your email and password. If you are a part of a Gritty Competition, you already have an account. Check your email for the password set link or use the password provided by your organization. Username or … Read More

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Do you have the drive to become a great softball player? Sign up to track your Gritty training and earn points that can be redeemed in the future for discounts, rewards, and scholarship entries.

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There's no need to spend $75/hour for a lesson twice a week on hitting. Sign up your kids and then make an account for yourself. Track your child's training and be a part of the softball community.

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Do you want to succeed as a coach? Are you running your practices efficiently? Sign up to get an entire book on softball written by Randy Schneider and so much more.

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Coach Randy's Story of Success

School records everywhere he has coached, Coach of the Year honors in HS, NCAA 3 and NCAA 1, over twenty NCAA 1 Top 25 wins, a Big Ten Tournament Championship in 2013. What’s unique is, Randy was originally a football coach before jumping into the softball world. Randy has coached in over 1000 softball games, has over 10 videos with Championship Videos, had been a featured speaker in Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and more. “I never missed a day of work in 20 years! Truthfully, my success was in direct correlation to GRIT. I always looked, studied, prepared, read and became organized to get an edge. This site is about doing the same – working harder to be the most successful you!”

The Gritty Hitter Club is a passionate/hardworking membership that aims to provide consumers with all their softball needs while emphasizing the importance of training, coaching, and parenting with grit! We guarantee your satisfaction, or money back.

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